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Social Ink is proud to provide you a safe, clean, private environment for all your piercing needs.

We stock quality jewelry from Metal Mafia and Painful Pleasures.

We also carry H2Ocean aftercare products.

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  • Leroi 14k gold straight barbell

  • Leroi 18g Captive Bead Ring!

  • Blue anodized

  • Kaelynn's pick

  • Kaelynn's pick

  • Kaelynn's pic

  • Bkhsgr hinged Segment Ring

  • Septum Clickers

  • Vintage Septum Clickers

  • NPC6 Clear Gem Nipple Clickers

  • BRINDCLT Claddagh Industrial

  • Nautical Star and Anchor Industrial

  • NPC5S Double Row Nipple Clickers

  • NPOHRP Opal Heart Nipple Bars

  • NPCOMPASS Compass Nipple Bars

  • NPSN1RG Rose Gold Sun Nipple Bars

  • STUDBOW Bow Studs

  • BRINDVD Love Block Industrial

  • NPC10 Opal Nipple Clickers

  • CTBRIND Blue Titanium Opal Flower Industrial

  • STUDR EAr Studs Multiple colors

  • STUDSCP Scorpion Studs

  • STUDSTCZ Star Studs

  • Heart Tunnels

  • Glass Tunnels

  • TDFBRDST Star Tunnels

  • TTTI Titanium Internal Double Flare Tunnels

  • PRHW Fuchsia Howlite Stone

  • GTSFBKW Borsillicate Glass Tunnels

  • PCWFL Crocodile Wood

  • POPL Opal Stone

  • PSFGBZ Blue Zircon Gem

  • PLJ Leopard Jasper Stone

  • PLABL Blue Line Agate Stone

  • PTDHW Teardrop Howlite Stone

  • PAM Amethyst Stone

  • PBLTE Blue Tiger Eye Stone

  • PMKJ Moukaite Jasper Stone

  • PCB Chicken Blood Stone

  • PHEJ Green Eye Jasper Stone

  • PHM Hematite Stone

  • PPHW Pink Howlite Stone

  • PHW Howlite Stone

  • PTDOPL Teardrop Opal Stone


  • PLABK Black Line Agate Stone

  • PUNK Unakite Stone

  • PLABH Labrodite High Reflection Stone

  • PBWA Botswana Agate Stone

  • PTDPHW Teardrop Pink Howlite Stone

  • PTRQ Turquoise Howlite Stone


  • PTE Tiger's Eye Stone


  • PTDLJ Teardrop Leopard Jasper Stone

  • PSFACSPWH Spike Plugs

  • PTDTE Teardrop Tiger's Eye Stone

  • PWA Wood Agate Stone

  • PTDTRQ Turquoise Howlite Stone


  • To help ease the holiday spending we will give you 10% off piercings this weekend!

  • We have some shiny new pretties to help with your holiday shopping. Come get them while they are available!

  • New Flower Gem Discs for your piercing!

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